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Stump Grinding

I’ve heard of all the home remedies to remove stumps, from the environmental nightmare of drilling holes in the stump and filling the holes with salt and gas, trying to burn the stump out (roots underground can retain moisture for years after the tree is cut down), or go ahead and hook your pickup truck to that stubborn stump and pull it out, I’d like to watch that.

Most stumps are not much of an issue and they can blend into the landscape and fade away over time. Some stumps are in the wrong location and need to be removed.

The most efficient and less invasive way to remove a stump is the stump grinder. Simple as that, just grind the stump into sawdust, wood chips and mixed dirt, rake even and add grass seed. Problem solved.

Saugeen Tree Care uses a self-powered stump grinder that can get into most backyards to take care of unpleasant, nuisance stumps.