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Tree Cable and Bracing

Trees add value to property and positively affect human life.

Spending time around trees has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve mood. So let’s preserve the urban forest.

Trees are like people in that they are not perfect. With proper pruning and care we can manage most problems; however, in some cases where a crack in the trunk or branch union has formed we can install cables and braces.

Cables are installed between branches in the canopy in order to limit the wind sail of the stems. The goal is to minimize the likelihood of failure or ensure that, if there is a failure, the damage to property is limited.

Braces are drilled through the weak branch union for added support.

Props are less common in larger mature trees but are very effective in smaller ornamental trees and fruit trees. Props are support systems that push limbs up off the ground as to limit the risk of limbs collapsing under their own load. For instance, when an apple tree has a bumper crop and fails under the weight of its own apples.

The three main reasons for a supplemental support system are: prevention, preservation, and protection.